About Us


This biography supposed to be about the company, where it came from, how it started, and what all about. I'm a firm believer that you truly appreciate or have a passion for something if you  know the true meaning/desire of the owner or what they are truly about. Here is a brief story of the founder and owner, then it is followed by the meaning of the company. 


I grew up in an unpretentious, in the middle of nowhere country town in Kentucky. A young, wild, and reckless boy with a free spirit. I never believed in doing the norm and following that expected line of life. I've always lived on the edge, walked to the beat of my own drum which was always loud and vibrant as possible. I was and still am at times too wild and speak too openly with no filter. You can't get anywhere in life just sitting back following instead of leading. I joined the army at the prime age of 19, I'm going on 30 now, hard to believe I know, I look way younger. The military is a major part of my life, it is a passion. Serving my country made, turned me into the man I needed to become. It blessed me with many journeys all across the United States, even overseas to war. Now I thank God for the trials of life I've walked through, the friends made from serving my country, the ones I have to remember that we lost along the way, and I never forget the friends that have always been there when I was lost in my own demons and still remain to this very day.


There is a quote of a few words, that are the backbone of this company and tell it's meaning, "LIVE BY ACTIONS NOT WORDS". These words are by the Owner of  LFTorQUT Apparel, what it means, is really simple just that. Its brand of passion, built from blood, sweat, tears, and pushing through pain, to be greater than the person you were the day before. It's not just for the athlete who is already at the top of his or her fitness game, but for that person who is just starting out in the gym, learning the ropes of lifting weights, becoming a healthier person, who wants to just better their lives, for themselves and nothing more. It's three simple words, that mean to push yourself, dig deep into the heart, Scrap at your soul, to hit one rep, do one more squat, LFT one more dumbbell, run that extra mile, to simple never QUT, until you have nothing left to give, and then find that something deep inside to keep going.